Marie, I am breastfeeding my one-month-old baby, and I pump my milk to store it. I don’t really know how to properly wash my breast pump and bottles that I use to avoid transmitting microbes to my baby. What do I need to do? Thank you, and I love all you do for us! Marianne

Excellent question, Marianne. It’s important that your breast pump and bottles are properly cleaned. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, because each company suggests different ways to clean their products. Properly cleaning these tools can avoid possible infections such as thrush (candida, fungal infections).

The first thing you need to do is to rinse your breast pump or bottle with cold water after using it. This helps avoid the build-up of milk residue. Don’t use hot water because it might cook the milk and create zones that can be easily infected with microbes. 

For your breast pump, you can rinse it each time you use it, then in the evening, you can wash your breast pump parts with soapy water and then rinse with hot tap water to finish. A breast pump should not be sterilised frequently with boiling water, as the components may be damaged over time. 

For your bottles, you should start with a cold rinse, but you should sterilise them until your baby is four months old. You can sterilise the bottles in a pot with boiling water, in high-temperature dishwashers, in a steriliser made for this, or in a sterilisation bag in the microwave. You can choose the way you find best.

I hope this helps Marianne!

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert