The Benefits of Natural Contraception Methods

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To learn more about natural contraception methods, go to the previous part, Natural Contraception Method Options.

Pour connaître toutes les méthodes de contraception naturelles, consultez la page suivante : Les options de méthodes de contraception naturelles

There are many benefits to natural contraception methods:

  •       No side-effects due to synthetic hormones (organic);
  •       No health risks;
  •       A good solution when a woman can’t take synthetic hormones;
  •       Free or inexpensive (economical);
  •       Knowledge of your body;
  •       Communications as a couple (shared responsibility);
  •       Sexual variety, seduction, tenderness, playfulness, sensuality.    

There are also several disadvantages to natural contraceptives:

  •       Do not protect against sexual-transmitted infections (STI);
  •       Requires a learning period and self-awareness;
  •       Difficulty finding qualified teachers;
  •       Requires discipline and commitment, daily observation of your body;
  •       Ovulation can be influenced by outside factors – stress, medication, overwork, etc.;
  •       Periods of abstinence.

The goal of this article is to highlight the natural methods to plan for pregnancy. I don’t talk about all the possible contraception options during the postnatal and breastfeeding period, but cover the main points of techniques that are considered natural.

When a couple chooses a natural method to control pregnancy, they should be coached by a person who is knowledgeable in the field. This person can adequately guide you and ensure you are monitored, as it takes time for a couple to learn this approach and find their balance.

Check your region for different resources. In Quebec, Seréna Québec teaches the symptom-thermal method. Volunteer couples who are certified by Seréna teach courses, which are available in several regions of the province and also online. For more information, send them an email.

L’organisme sans but lucratif Seréna Québec a pour mission de promouvoir et d’enseigner la méthode symptothermique. Des couples bénévoles accrédités par Seréna donnent une formation spécifique. Ces formations sont disponibles dans plusieurs régions du Québec et peuvent aussi se faire en ligne, selon les circonstances. Pour plus d’information, vous pouvez rejoindre Seréna Québec par courriel.

Once again, I hope this article has provided you with information you can use when choosing your type of contraception method.

Talk soon,


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The Benefits of Natural Contraception Methods

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