Good Morning Mom and Dad!

I woke up a couple of minutes ago and am having fun in my pool. I sometimes try to take a deep breath, but I guess it’s still not the time, and now I have the hiccups! Mom, I know you have questions when you feel me pushing against your stomach. Don’t worry! This can happen several times a day as I grow, and it’s a positive sign I’m maturing. My skin is getting thicker, and I can start to feel things. I react to sound and touch now. I weigh about 550 grams and measure 22-35 cm (11-14 inches).

Mom, your uterus is getting bigger. You feel a lot more heat; you may sweat more, and accumulate water in your legs and feet. We call that water retention, swelling or oedema, and it’s normal as long as your blood pressure is stable. Your legs can feel heavier, and your ankles can look round at night. I suggest that you raise your legs when you are sitting or laying down. It will help. You may also have reflux, a burning sensation in your throat which might be uncomfortable. Mom, I know that this isn’t pleasant but it’s only a passing phase, and it’s for a great cause – ME! 😊

Dad, you are so funny! You watch all your friends who have children, fathers you might run in to. You see how they act, and you wonder what kind of father you will become. That’s a healthy thing to do, and talk about it with Mom. She also wonders how you will fit into your father role. You both need to communicate to better experience this stage of life. Sometimes Mom thinks she’s not as pretty and attractive as she was, and she needs you to reassure her of your love and that you find her attractive. Hug her, touch her, kiss her. These are great ways to remain close to each other, to please each other. This will also make me feel good and relaxed.

Practical Advice:

  • Moms, get out and exercise, be active and don’t forget your pelvic floor and relaxation.
  • Since your tummy is more prominent, you should support it at night. You can use a rolled up sheet when laying on your side. This frees up the vascularisation and eases circulation while reducing back pain and causing less tension.
  • If varicose veins appear on your stomach, breasts, thighs or around your buttocks, your skin is taking a hit. You can buy special creams and oils to lessen this, but it depends on your skin’s elasticity, and that you  can’t control. Exercising regularly and maintaining steady weight gain can help minimise stretch marks. They will start out red and become whiter during the year after childbirth.
  • You can ask your health professional if you can complete a pre-admission form where you want to give birth. You will need your health insurance card, group insurance card from work (if you have one), and will need to provide socio-demographic information.

Here are some suggestions to learn more about what’s happening to you and to help you prepare for what’s coming.


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