When preparing for childbirth, caregivers who support you during this period want to provide you with tools and advice that will help you experience your pregnancy and delivery in the best way possible. Exercise is part of this.

A pregnant woman who remains active during her pregnancy will normally benefit from it. Exercise can improve many things, including general wellbeing, energy levels, relaxation, sleep quality, muscle tone, strength, endurance, oxygenation of the placenta and posture. Others note that physical activity reduces stress, balance weight gain and improves self-esteem.

A pregnant woman who remains active during her pregnancy will usually benefit from it.

Given the benefits of exercise, we also presume that they will help prepare for childbirth. Toned, strengthened muscles, joint mobility and a better understanding of our body will undoubtedly contribute to improving your pushing during delivery and assist the pelvic floor muscles to recover during the postnatal period. However, since each woman has her own weaknesses and medical condition, you should do exercises that are risk-free and check with a professional before starting. Kinesiologists are health professionals who specialise in exercises. They can guide you in your choice of movements based on your condition. They are often associated with gyms and sports centres focusing on health and balance.

You always have to avoid overly intense efforts, extreme fatigue, and variations of your body temperature. Listen to your body during your childbirth preparations. If you feel pain or discomfort, stop the exercise or slow down your pace. Drink lots of water, don’t remain on your back, especially after 16 weeks of pregnancy, and avoid holding your breath.

This article includes several recommendations that can guide you towards a lifetime of physical activity. Please read my article Active While Pregnant to see some choices of good activities while pregnant and sports that you should avoid.

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