Did you read the previous part, Factors that can influence infertility?

Avez-vous lu la partie précédente : Plusieurs facteurs qui peuvent influencer l’infertilité?

Advice to help with fertility:

  •    Don’t wait too long before conceiving, ideally before 35
  •    Make sure you have a healthy weight from the start
  •    Don’t smoke cigarettes or other illicit substances
  •    When trying to conceive, avoid alcohol
  •    Limit caffeine intake to 2 products or less per day
  •    Ensure you have a balanced diet, both for men and women, with lower saturated fats, less sugar and             processed products. More fibres, omega 3s and antioxidants will help your fertility. Foods rich in iron,             iodine and a folic acid supplement should also be promoted.
  • en iode et un supplément en acide folique sont aussi à privilégier.

Here are a few suggestions:

  •    To increase the quality, vitality, mobility and morphology of sperm, eat walnuts, linseeds and fatty fish
  •    To increase the woman’s glucose stability, which helps fertility, consume olive oil, avocados, whole nuts         and seeds (fibres), fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and minerals.
  •    Exercise moderately
  •    Do relaxation exercises, yoga, meditation to ensure your psychological state is optimal and reduce stress       and anxiety
  •    Have sexual relations frequently, either daily, or more realistically, every 2-3 days

To ensure you have the highest chance of conceiving a baby, act now on those things that you can control because, for many of you, it will be enough to lead to pregnancy.

However, if despite all your efforts to help maximise your fertility, nothing happens, what then? Excellent question! By taking the steps you have already taken, you will increase the chances of becoming pregnant. You haven’t wasted your time.

I will try to guide you through the steps and tests you need to take after being diagnosed with conception problems, both for men and women. I will then talk about assisted human reproduction methods.

Je vais essayer de vous guider du mieux que je le peux à travers les étapes à franchir, les tests à passer qui suivent un diagnostic d’échec à la conception autant pour les femmes que pour les hommes avant d’arriver proprement dit, aux différentes méthodes de procréation médicalement assistées.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert

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