I loved being pregnant, but don’t think I had the perfect pregnancy! 

I wasn’t able to eat breakfast during the first trimester. I would get up earlier because I had to add the time I spent throwing up into my schedule. On the other hand, I was never hungrier in my life. I usually don’t eat a lot, but I needed to eat four snacks between meals or I couldn’t function. And was I thirsty!

I was always out of breath as if I just finished a marathon…after putting on my shoes! Happily, most of my pregnancy was during the spring and summer. I love sandals! And only my right foot was swollen. We already walk like a penguin when pregnant. I was a penguin with an elephant foot! 

I didn’t sleep well during my pregnancy. I started pregnancy rhinitis within a few weeks, which means that I spent my pregnancy feeling like I had a cold. And anyway, I was never able to find a comfortable sleeping position, even with all my pillows. I had to plan ahead if I want to turn over with my big tummy. Eyes wide open, I wondered if I was going to be able to sleep while being able to turn on to the other side. 

Despite these problems, I really learned to appreciate the little things in life. In my last article, I told you I was expecting identical twins. I love just watching my stomach and feeling the babies move. I could tell which one was moving. My little ones were only a couple of months old, but I could already see differences in their behaviour. Baby A is full of energy, kicked a lot and reacted strongly when I would rest on my tummy. Baby B is calmer. I could feel it softly pushing or rubbing my stomach. To my surprise, my daughters are the perfect reflection of my pregnancy today. 

I loved going out and seeing all the attention my stomach was getting. In the grocery store, metro, shopping centre – everyone tried to help and always had encouraging words. Well, most of the time. Sometimes a stranger will come up to you and tell you about their horrible childbirth while waiting to buy milk. Once, while waiting for my take-out order, a woman came up and just started rubbing my stomach, smiling. I didn’t know what to do, so I just smiled back, quite uncomfortable with the situation.

A multiple pregnancy means close monitoring by many specialists. I would have an ultrasound every two weeks starting from the 24th week. I loved watching the babies grow. I felt privileged to be able to admire them before real life began. I was given ultrasound photos after each appointment. I already have a baby album! It’s not always easy to get a clear picture when two babies are moving around the screen. One time, the doctor couldn’t get a clear image of Baby B’s face (for a souvenir picture). She said, with a smile, that she would print Baby A twice, they will have the same look anyways! 😊 

Even if I would tell my babies to be patient, at 34 weeks, they said enough was enough and decided it was time to come out and experience new adventures. A little early…

To be continued…

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