Are creams effective for stretch marks on the stomach?


Marie, are creams sold to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy effective?

Thanks, Renée


There is no proof that oils and creams can prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. However, we know that they can help hydrate your stomach’s skin and promote elasticity. Can’t hurt to try!

The appearance of stretch marks depends on many factors: hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, physical stretching of the skin, obesity, young age of the mother, etc….

We know that the hormonal context during pregnancy contributes to an overstretching of the skin, breaking the skin’s tissue structure, breakages in the skin’s collagen and leading to the striated look of stretch marks on the skin.

There is not much scientific proof about prevention. Creams that are sold specifically for stretch marks seem to have good results for some women, but there are no guarantees, and they are pretty expensive. Physical activity to maintain tone, gaining small amounts of weight gradually to avoid sudden stretching, proper diet and hydration also seem to be effective. Daily application of a cream, such as trofolastin, may be beneficial, but this is not supported by scientific literature.

As a preventative measure, pregnant women can apply ultra hydrating cream daily. It can’t hurt, but if you are going to have stretch marks, you will have stretch marks. Your skin has certain predispositions, so do what you can ladies!

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