Marie, I feel lost! I’m 17 weeks pregnant and I know I’m a person who worries more than average, but now I can’t sleep, rest and I even sometimes have heart palpitations. How can I improve my situation? Because the end of my pregnancy is still far off. Thank you for everything you do for parents! Rosanna

Rosanna, it’s good that you wrote to me. You know, during the transition to parenthood, this stage of life has many unknowns, and parents can have many very legitimate worries. That said, the first step is to recognise what we’re feeling. Then you have to see if the intensity of your worries has an impact on your daily life.

You know, anxiety is often experienced in different ways in our everyday lives. Anxiety can take different forms and arrive in different ways. I want to talk more about what you’re currently experiencing. Try to put into words what you’re feeling and try to relieve you. Help you better understand the situation.

Two psychology experts and researchers will help me answer the question in an educational entry “Portrait of Anxiety during the Perinatal Period”. I look forward to seeing you there.

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