My name is Émmie, and I’m 15 weeks pregnant. I wanted this pregnancy, and I was happy that I became pregnant this soon, but now I am really anxious. I have been diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder, but I didn’t think pregnancy would be this bad. I think of all sorts of bad things that can happen, I worry every day if I am doing things the right way. Is my baby fine? Will I have complications just because I didn’t know what to do? There are so many more questions! I always have these thoughts, and I am wondering what I can do. Marie, can you help? Thanks, Émmie

Émmie, I feel your suffering in your question. I understand that you already had an anxiety disorder before becoming pregnant. Generally, when a woman is expecting a baby, there are many unknowns, unexpected conditions that some can tolerate better than others. If you are already someone who already worries a lot, this can increase during pregnancy.

Like you have already probably noticed, you can’t control everything. That’s life being life. I am convinced that you already have a health professional that monitors your condition. You need to talk to them about your feelings because if they have an impact on your daily life, needs, relationship with your spouse or with others, you need to be monitored.

I don’t know if you are already in psychotherapy or taking medication, and I don’t know if you do yoga or meditate. Hypnosis? All of these things can help release your feelings and help you breathe calmly feel reassured. Please, please, discuss your experience with the person monitoring your pregnancy. They are best placed to evaluate your situation and advise you on what steps you should take next. I wish only the best for you Émmie, and I know you have it in you to experience your pregnancy with more confidence.


Talk soon,
The Baby Expert