Marie, I am 13 weeks pregnant and have a rare disease. I was wondering if there are breastfeeding contraindications. Thanks for your help, Éloise

Éloise, I don’t know what condition you have, but there may be contraindications associated with it or the medications you are taking for it. There are also general contraindications to breastfeeding. These can include a baby diagnosed with congenital galactosemia, a woman with breast cancer, a mother with HIV, tuberculosis, typhoid fever or malaria, mothers undergoing chemotherapy, or who take certain medications or drugs.

Éloise, I hope this helps, and I would strongly suggest that you talk to your doctor for more information about your illness and breastfeeding. Many specialised pharmacists can advise your doctor about pregnancy and breastfeeding, so don’t worry, you will get the right support.

All the best,


The Baby Expert

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