Hello out there!

I’m here, alive and well and covered with a thick layer of vernix to keep me warm. Parents, you’d be surprised to know that my fingernails are already growing! And I have a bit of hair on my head too! I am about 20cm long from head to toes and weigh about 240g. Still small, but here nonetheless!

Mom, I know that I am taking up more space in your stomach, but I have to build my nest! And since your pelvis is getting tight, I have to shift my position. So your legs are going to feel heavier, your muscles at the bottom of your stomach will feel more and more stretched. Your abdominal muscles will be really stretched, and when you are standing, you will feel more pressure on your muscles, sort of like a cramp, stretching, and even a burning sensation. A warm or hot bath can help you relax and soothe the discomfort. Try it, mom! I will be nice, I promise!

Yesterday you thought you felt me move. You were right! I saw you cry…I am hard to feel right now, but over time, you will feel me move several times a day.

Dad, I know you are there with mom. Your busy day means that quiet time with mom allows you to get closer to me. When you gently rub mom, I feel it. Don’t stop, I love it! The warmth from your hand is not the same as mom’s, and it calms me. Don’t worry about hurting me, crushing me or bothering me if you want to get intimate. The love you share fills me with joy, and sometimes I will move around when you are together just to say I love when you two get close.

Practical Advice:

If you find this pregnancy period stressful or if you are more anxious, why not take prenatal yoga sessions, get a massage, take a meditation or sophrology workshop or do prenatal exercises. These activities can help you find calm and peace while spending time with other future mothers who are going through the same thing as you.

Here are some suggestions to learn more about what’s happening to you and to help you prepare for what’s coming.


Educational tickets:

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