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In general:Photo - Piscine - Bas de compression enceinte

  • Do low to moderate intensity exercises regularly,          such as walking or swimming to help blood                  circulation;
  • Wear adapted shoes to not harm blood circulation;
  • Raise legs when sitting or lying down to promote        venous return and reduce cardiac load;
  • Avoid standing for too long;
  • To prevent increased vascular dilation, avoid direct heat contact with legs, such as an overly hot bath or sauna;
  • Maintain good posture to reduce the stomach’s pressure on the groin and help venous return;
  • Ensure a healthy weight at the start of pregnancy and gain average weight progressively to prevent or reduce vascular issues.

For support stockings:

  • Make sure to be prescribed the proper support stocking (appropriate support strength). Avoid buying support stockings without having gotten advice first. Not wearing stockings is often better than choosing a poor model or incorrect strength, as this can have negative impacts;
  • Consult a trained person in a boutique to measure your calves and thighs to get the right sized stocking. You can usually do this in a store that sells orthopedic mobility items;
  • Get information on how to wear them and put them on before getting up in the morning for the best support when vertical;
  • Never wear support stocking for a full night unless advised to do so by your doctor;
  • Wear support stockings when flying for more than two hours, walk around in the airplane, get up and stretch out your legs from time to time;
  • If you already have signs of venous vascular weaknesses in your legs (oedema, varicose veins, pain), you should start wearing your support stockings as early as possible during the first trimester. If you want to prevent venous insufficiency, begin during the third trimester;
  • It may be recommended that some women wear support stockings during the postnatal period if there is a risk of thrombophlebitis during the first two months after childbirth;

How do you know if your support stocking is working? You will feel relief in your legs, less swelling and will feel much better and happier. 

This covers the information I discovered about the topic, and I hope you will consider this advice that experts in the field provided me to promote your wellbeing during pregnancy.

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