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To encourage you to consume enough dairy products during your pregnancy and after even if you don’t like the taste of milk, I want to provide you with a few milkshake recipes you can drink or freeze to make delicious popsicles. Additionally, cold can help reduce nausea during pregnancy.

Photo - Popsicles : Consommer du lait en bâtonnet glacé

If you don’t like the taste of milk, one simple thing you can do is drink it with a straw, as it significantly reduces the taste as the milk is less in contact with your taste buds.

You can use these recipes every day as needed. Since they are homemade, you know their nutritional value.

These recipes can be used at any age, and if you already have children, will love these homemade treats. Why not make them together? Excellent family activity and a tasty snack as a reward!

All these recipes make 2 portions. You can always double or triple them if you want.

Don’t forget – if you want to add tofu (which doesn’t have a taste) or other calcium sources mentioned above, you can adapt these recipes.

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