When should you go see an osteopath during pregnancy?

9-10 weeks pregnant, Health advice

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When should you go see an osteopath? If you want to prevent complications during pregnancy, you should consult an osteopath once per trimester, because many changes take place over time. If not earlier, then when you start feeling unpleasant symptoms.

You can go about 4 weeks after childbirth, since hormones and swelling will have subsided, or earlier if you’re too uncomfortable.

Appointment Schedules

Usually, you have to allow your body to work on adapting between osteopathy appointments. It takes time. The frequency of treatments varies based on the person and the extent of their symptoms. Based on the case, a single treatment or multiple treatments may be necessary. The time between appointments should be about 3 weeks unless the situation requires a faster treatment schedule. It would be surprising if you went back to the osteopath within 10 days after treatment, but exceptions to every rule exist. 

Possible Reactions Post-Treatment

You might feel a bit stiff for a couple of days, but this should dissipate quickly. You can also rest better since your general well-being has improved.


An osteopathy appointment can cost between $70-$95, and many insurers cover this kind of treatment.

Why not try this alternative approach? It’s not dangerous for you or your baby, and you may be surprised by the results. Up to you to try…

Here are some videos that might help both mothers and your future/new babies.

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