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As you might already know, to reduce garbage that is bad for the environment, companies have started to produce eco-friendly disposable diapers. Despite the best intentions of manufacturers to create a more eco-friendly product, none of them has made diapers 100% biodegradable. But they have put in a lot of effort to replace synthetic materials with natural materials by using vegetable starch for the outside layer of the diaper to make it waterproof, and dividing the absorbent polymers in the middle part of the diaper by five (from 20 g to 4 g). These diapers, which have been tested by dermatologists, are considered less irritating and allergen-free. But their price is higher than traditional disposable diapers.

To be considered eco-friendly, the product must be certified by an independent organisation that sets environmentally-friendly manufacturing criteria, such as Underwriters Laboratories, which can certify them eco-friendly. If you see a logo on the diaper package that looks like an eco-friendly product, this doesn’t guarantee that the diaper is more eco-friendly than other traditional products.

Even if diaper rash can occur in every child with any kind of diaper given dampness and rubbing, some babies react more than others to certain types of products used by different manufacturers. This is why we suggest changing companies frequently if your baby has this problem often. Diaper rash, which is irritated, red and inflamed skin, is generally caused by prolonged contact with urine or stool (dampness). An overly tight diaper rubbing the skin can also be a cause, as well as irritating substances found in the diaper or wipes, lotions and soaps.

Hints to Save Money:

  • Some diapers that cost more are a better choice for their absorption, but some generic brands also perform well.
  • Check for sales from one store to another and download online coupons for your next purchase.
  • Buy in bulk. Packages of 156 diapers are cheaper per unit than packages of 27. Over two years, you can save a lot of money.
  • Don’t buy too many in advance, as your baby will change diaper sizes frequently.
  • Buying diapers online does not always save money. Check for other fees (such as delivery).
  • Diapers labelled eco-friendly (are they really?) are always more expensive.
  • Washable diapers can save you money over the long term.

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