If you would like information about the different types of daycare, read The Different Types of Daycare (french only).

Here is some expert advice on how to prepare your child for daycare:

  • Mom and dad should tell their child that they will go to daycare, even if they are small and don’t understand
  • When you talk about daycare, compare it what their friends are going through. For example, compare them to their friend Hugo, who goes to Aline’s place when his mom works. Tell them that he is delighted to see his new friends and play with new toys.
  • Visit different daycares that meet your needs. If you feel uncomfortable with one, choose another
  • Ideally, talk to the manager of the daycare first, and do it when there are no children around so that they can focus on your discussion. Go back when children are there to see the daycare in the heat of action.
  • After making your choice, go back to the daycare to finish up with the details and talk to the workers about your child’s habits, preferences and temperament.
  • Then figure whether mom or dad will be the first one to go to daycare with the child. It’s a difficult question! Choose the person who will be the most emotionally stable and less anxious. Their calm and serenity will help the child. Your non-verbal reactions can significantly influence how they deal with the transition.
  • Identify personal objects your child will bring to daycare (stuffed animal, a blanket that smells like home, family photo, etc.).

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