Hello Marie, my name is Ariane, and my baby tends to fall asleep when breastfeeding. What can I do to keep him awake? If he stops feeding too early, he’ll want to feed all the time. He is 2 weeks old. Thanks! Ariane

Ariane, your question will help many other mothers! In fact, a young baby needs to expend a lot of energy to breastfeed, and some have more strength than others. Maybe your baby gets tired quickly and has to rest before continuing breastfeeding?

To help you, we suggest that you compress your breasts during breastfeeding. With your opposite hand, you can squeeze the base of your breast with your thumb and fingers, forming a U. Do it for 5-10 seconds then stop. Wait a few minutes and do it a second time, making sure you don’t pull on the areola and nipple, breaking your baby’s suction.

When you compress your breast, you should hear your baby swallow. You can try other compressions as long as they seem effective.

When your baby no longer has jaundice and is more awake during breastfeeding, you should no longer have to compress your breasts over a long period. If you think this isn’t working, you need to consult with a breastfeeding specialist for help.

Don’t give up! It only a matter of time. Your baby is still very young, and everything should fall into place shortly.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert