Marie, can you tell me how to keep my one-month-old baby hydrated when it’s sweltering out? I can’t even seem to!

Thanks, Rosemary


Summer is coming, and the heat and humidity are sometimes difficult to handle for both parents and babies. Even if they usually like being warm, too much is too much sometimes! Do you breastfeed your baby and always falls asleep in your arm before finishing? Does your baby want to feed more but less at a time? Do they want more hydration?

Here is my advice:

  • Breastfeed your baby in the bath, pool (in the shade) or basement (cooler). They will be less hot, feed better and probably want to feed less often;
  • Dress them only in their diaper or diaper and onesie;
  • Avoid skin to skin contact as it is much warmer;
  • If you have a fan, never aim it at the baby;
  • Don’t directly place your baby in a flow of air;
  • If you have air conditioning, don’t point it at the baby and make sure the temperature change is not too drastic when going outside with the baby (very cold to very hot). Their temperature regulation system matures slowly over time;
  • You can give a baby aged over three weeks water as needed, but breast milk already contains their necessary water. For an older baby that drinks from a glass, you can give them water to keep them hydrated.

Enjoy the summer!


The Baby Expert