Hello Marie,

I have a question, and I’m sure you know the answer, as you’re always full of great advice and information! My daughter Maélie is already three months old. Still a few months from eating solid foods, but I’m starting to think about making my own purées.

How long can they be stored in the freezer? Also, when she starts eating, I know that breast milk is still important, but do I breastfeed before or after the meal? What’s a typical meal order? Cereals before or after breastfeeding?

This is all so new for me!

Thank you for your answer!



For the food order, Mieux vivre avec notre enfant, includes a table and explanations for parents. It’s a great reference to guide you. You will soon see your caregiver for a 4-month check-up. Write down your questions and ask them during your appointment, as you will be almost ready to introduce solids. Each child is unique, so they will be able to guide you for your personal situation.

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert