When I freeze my milk, how many ounces per container?

Thanks, Valerie

Excellent question, Valerie. But it depends on how much your baby drinks. If your baby is tiny and you are giving them their first bottle, try 4 ounces and see how much they drink. Then, always add 1 ounce more than they drink. As the baby increases their consumption as they grow, they will have more in their bottle as needed. And you won’t waste too much.

If they drink the full bottle, how can you know if they got enough? If some remains in the bottom of the bottle, you will know they got enough.

Also, don’t forget to place the date on the container of the first milk when freezing it. When you thaw it, always use the container with the oldest date if you don’t have fresh milk in the fridge.

Keep up the excellent work!

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert