I don’t know what’s happening, but I often have a tingling sensation in my breasts before breastfeeding, and sometimes between sessions. Why does this happen? Is it a fungal infection? Thanks for your help, Emmanuelle 

Emmanuelle, the tingling sensation you feel in your breasts is often associated with what we call the ejection reflex. You may also feel something like a short, tiny electrical shock, and your breasts may swell, and sometimes milk may leak out. It often occurs as your normal breastfeeding time approaches, when you hear a baby cry nearby (even if it’s not yours), if you think about your baby, etc. You may also have several milk ejection reflexes during one breastfeeding session. 

For some mothers, the reflex can be reduced due to stress, intense fatigue, pain, certain types of medication, tobacco or alcohol. 

From what you told me, I would not be worried about fungal infection. But if you want reassurance about mycosis, please read my article on the topic (lien en anglais). 

e t’invite à lire mon billet que j’ai écrit sur ce sujet : https://mariefortier.com/les-champignons-et-l-allaitement-la-mycose/.

Emmanuelle, I hope this helps and all the best for your breastfeeding adventure!


The Baby Expert 

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