I am a nurse and heard about Dr. de Gasquet’s method, which tries to prevent perineal complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Can you tell me more about it? Thanks, Lysanne

Hello Lysanne,

Dr. de Gasquet has worked for many years, trying to change some of our practices to prevent complications that can occur following trauma to the perineum. Her recommendations are logical and in line with the human body’s anatomical and physiological biomechanics. You have to be open to her approach, which you seem to show by questioning current procedures and try new methods. Please read my article that talks about Mrs. de Gasquet findings on the oft-forgotten perineum!

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert

mon billet éducatif faisant état des constats de Mme de Gasquet pour le périnée, ce grand oublié! À tantôt!

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