Marie, my 4-month-old baby has a bump on his neck. The doctor said it was a fatty mass, but I would like to get more information about it and what can happen next. Thanks, Marie-Rose

Marie-Rose, the bump you are talking about seems like a lipoma. A lipoma is a benign tumour made up of fatty cells that accumulate in a thin, fibrous capsule often found just under the skin. The word tumour may make you jump, but in this precise case, it is very benign. Any person may have several. It is the most frequent soft tissue tumour. We don’t really know what causes it, but it seems to be hereditary.

Over their life, 1/1000 people will have one or several lipomas. They are often found on the neck, base of the neck, upper thigh, or armpit, but can be found anywhere on the body. Most lipomas are painless and can be moved around with your fingertips. The size can range from a small pea to much larger dimensions. As long as the lipoma doesn’t cause pain or severe compression, and doesn’t affect daily activities, it’s left alone. But if it does cause issues, it will be surgically removed. I hope this brief overview helps, Marie-Rose!

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The Baby Expert