Thalasso Baby Bath ®: Help Your Baby Release Tension


This entry was written with Eve Montminy and Séphanie Houde from Bedon & bout’chou.

I always find it fun to learn about the origins and sources of different practices. My research always provides me with new information for my general knowledge. It also helps me make links between current practices using water as the basic ingredient for therapy. In this entry, I want to look at using the Thalasso Baby Bath to help your baby release their tension.

In this article:


Literature tells us that different disciplines use water as the basic element in their treatments. Many naturopaths and osteopaths use water for their clients, but many different specialisations use it, such as hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, spa treatments and thalassotherapy.


Hydrotherapy is water therapy that uses spring water, seawater, mineral water or simply water from the tap. You can add essential oils (aromatherapy) or medicinal plant extracts (herbalism) such as Epsom salts to the water.


Balneotherapy is bathing the whole or part of the body in hot water. Then different things are added, such as mud or sand, algae or salt, based on the therapy’s goal.

Spa treatments

Spa treatments use thermal spring water for relaxation and revitalisation therapy.


Thalassotherapy refers to therapy using seawater. In Greek, water therapy can be translated into “sea therapy” or “cared for by the sea.” The term “thalasso” comes from Dr. Joseph de la Bonnardière. In 1865 he wanted to give this approach, with its roots in antiquity, a name.

The Main Characteristics of Water

Water has many characteristics that many relaxation techniques use. Why?

  1. A body immersed in water has equal resistance around their body;
  2. The weightlessness of the body in water;
  3. A stable temperature;
  4. Water communicates through touch and carries minerals;
  5. Water can be transformed into a jet, bubbles or a current.

To continue reading, go to Thalassotherapy.

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