Did you read the section about tobacco and breastfeeding?

The pregnancy period for women is a time in life where they’re open to and made aware of the need to quit smoking. This is to ensure that the pregnancy goes fine, but it’s especially important for the health of their baby. In the best of worlds, you will be able to quit smoking.

If you can’t crush the habit for good during pregnancy, what treatment options are available?

Photo - Refus de cigarette billet Grossesse et tabacProfessionals can work with you to stop smoking. Since it’s nicotine that causes your tobacco addiction, health professionals can guide you while reducing the impact of cigarette use.

Nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) are available, but these methods don’t fully eliminate nicotine as they contain calculated amounts lower than in cigarette smoke. If your doctor prescribes this, it’s because they have evaluated your situation and believed that there are more benefits than costs for you and your baby.

The different nicotine replacement therapies may use lozenges, patches, vaporisers or gum. With appropriate monitoring and guidance, the final goal is progressively reducing the concentration of nicotine, gradually weaning you off your cigarette and nicotine addiction.

Please note that electronic cigarettes, which we increasingly see, aren’t recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women to stop smoking. We don’t have enough data about their use and effectiveness. Additionally, we don’t know if this method is safe for Mother and baby. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Addictions are never easy to deal with. You first have to be surrounded by people that want to help you and encourage your efforts, celebrate your daily victories. Always avoid being in the presence of people happy to smoke around you.

If you need specialised help, Quit Smoking Centres (CAT—in Quebec) can be very helpful and can provide free services to guide you through your efforts to stop smoking. For 24/7 support, there are telephone numbers, online resources and text message services at smat.ca.

I hope this article has once again informed you about tobacco use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Since I always want to educate my readers, I also hope that I have laid the groundwork you need to be able to begin the process of becoming smoke-free.

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