Marie, my friend is pregnant at the same time as me, and her doctor suggested that she get a whooping cough vaccine. Mine didn’t mention that. Is it required that I get the vaccine during my pregnancy? Thanks for your answer…I really want to do what’s right…I’m ten weeks pregnant. Talk soon, Alina.

Hello Alina,
That’s a good question. It allows me to update pregnant women about the latest vaccine recommendations. In March 2018, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada released its directives concerning whooping cough vaccinations during pregnancy. Recently the changes appeared in the Quebec Immunisation Program, which is the bible for health professionals, a reference for information concerning different possible vaccinations.


Canada’s immunisation update now recommends all women 26 weeks pregnant or more receive the inactivated combination vaccine (non-living) for whooping cough, which is often combined with diphtheria and tetanus vaccines. This protects both the woman and the baby before its birth. The fact that the mother transmits antibodies to her baby in utero allows it to be better protected against whooping cough during the first months of life. This illness can severely impact babies under six months of age around the world. Like the influenza vaccine in the fall, the vaccine against whooping cough will be suggested every pregnancy, but always after 26 weeks of pregnancy. These vaccines are safe during pregnancy and won’t impact the baby. You can even get this vaccine when breastfeeding.


Alina, your doctor likely hasn’t talked to you about it yet because you’re at the start of your pregnancy. With what I just told you, you can ask your doctor for their advice during your next appointment.


Talk soon,

The Baby Expert

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