To learn more about painting and pregnancy, see Painting During Pregnancy.

Let’s talk about oil paints. There are certain oils that you must avoid at all costs during pregnancy. This includes oils added to paints and stains, as well as “caulks.” However, you can use natural oils (ecological) for furniture and floors, such as SOLO and PRONTO oils from Ligna.

SOLO oils by Ligna are products with high concentrations of natural ingredients (70%), solvent-free, which are good for wood and protects indoor floors against water and stains.

The PRONTO oil from Ligna, which is made from natural oils and resins, is better for protecting walls, ceilings, woodwork, doors and furniture.

For more information:

Products to avoid:

  • Solvents, strippers and varnishes.

To continue reading, see Advice from Paint Pros.

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