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Some products contain toxic ingredients that can be absorbed by the mother and become harmful to her and her baby. Health Canada has noted methylene chloride and lead in these products, which is a real danger for Mother and baby. It recommends never being exposed to one or the other from throughout pregnancy.

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Volatile organic compound (VOC) based Latex paints, water-based outdoor paints and indoor water-based stains, such as those made by Livos and SamaN, should be used. Water-based means that the product contains fewer volatile organic compounds, as Environment Canada regulates the levels. For example, water-based paints can’t include more than 250 g of VOC per litre. Similarly, outdoor water-based stains, for example, those produced by Olympic, are permitted when applied using gloves. There are also VOC-free paints, such as those from Pure Performance, but you have to order them directly from your expert.

You can also find milk paints (powder that contains casein like milk). These are relatively new to the market and are ecological, 100% natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. They don’t contain VOCs or chemical products, are almost odour-free and are very good for indoor and outdoor walls and furniture.

For more details about milk paints:

Paints and other products to avoid:

  • Oil-based paints;
  • Floor paints;
  • Paint and wallpaper dissolvent;
  • Spray paints;
  • Varsol and acetone-based paint thinners.

You should also know that cleaning products such as TSP degreaser should be replaced by TSE degreasers during pregnancy, as the latter doesn’t contain phosphates; wallpaper glue and plaster when renovating are allowed as long as there is proper aeration.

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