Everything starts in the world inside. I was only a cell, then after minutes, hours, and days, I began to develop at a phenomenal speed. I was so tiny that no one could see me, even my mother. Yet my heart was already beating. Given how unpleasant my mother was feeling, she figured out that something was growing inside her. I think it was a big moment for her and my father. They had wanted me for so long. I let them wait, but for the moment, everything seems to be going well for mom and me.





I should be born in the fall, so I am half-way through my uterine life. I regularly talk to my mother by moving, and I am starting to get really talkative! Mom felt me move a couple of days ago, and she laughed and then cried. Dad wasn’t as lucky. It’s difficult for him to concretise my existence. He saw me during the ultrasound, and it helped make my arrival real for him. I was happy to learn that I was in good health because he worries about me a lot. He takes good care of mom, who is letting me stay in her tummy, like a precious, fragile jewel. He knows how significant his contribution is during this adventure. He places his hand on mom’s stomach, rubbing it softly. I can feel his warmth, and hear his voice as he talks to me. I would really like to answer him, but the liquid I live it is still too abundant and absorbs my efforts to reach out. Dad, please don’t stop! Continue to reach out, and soon you’ll know that I recognise you.

Sometimes mom sings. She has a tenderness too her, a caress that crosses the walls of her stomach and fills me with joy. I dance a bit, and even though space is getting tighter by the day, I want to thank you in my own way. As I huddle here, I am starting to want to leave this little paradise to meet you. I know you are worried and nervous, as I am about to arrive. Which day? Which night?

Here I am, the storm is over. Silence reigns. Mom and dad are crying, I think. I am lying on mom’s chest, and she is softly caressing me. What a good feeling! Our eyes have met…she’s so beautiful! We feel so peaceful when we know that people who love us are waiting to welcome us to the world. Everything we have done is simply an invitation to the rest of our lives!

From your little one xoxoxoxoxoxo


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