Marie, I know you are in contact with many families and babies, and I was wondering if Adeline is a name frequently given to a little girl. I would like to find a name that isn’t too popular. Do you have any references for me? Thanks, Anne-France

Hello Anne-France,

Choosing a name for your baby requires reflection and discussion as a couple. You will have to say it and hear it for the rest of your lives! You would be better off liking their name from the start, right? 😊

For your question about the popularity of the name you want to choose for your future daughter, please read my article Finding a Name. It includes the list of the most popular names over the past years, both for girls and boys. I also added a section about the meaning of some names.

voir mon billet Trouver un prénom pour la liste des prénoms les plus populaires

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert

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