Marie, I’m 30 weeks pregnant, and my baby started moving around 22 weeks.

Since this morning, I feel that my baby is moving less and I’m worried because I like it when they move around. How can I know if they are okay?

I know I am nervous, but it’s my first baby, and there are so many things that I have heard that make me stressed. Please help! Suzanne

Dear Suzanne,

It’s normal to ask questions about your baby and their movements. Indeed, at 30 weeks of pregnancy, you should feel your baby move several times a day, at least 4-5.

That said, often the baby will move without you feeling it because you are moving at the same time. You will be less sensitive to what’s going on inside.

If you are worried that your baby isn’t moving, drink some naturally sweet juice, such as orange or apple. Lay down on your left side for 30 minutes so you can better feel your baby’s movements. This is a simple thing to do, because the juice is like fuel for the baby to move, and while resting you will be able to concentrate on their movements.

If after 30 minutes you haven’t felt anything and it concerns you, call your childbirth centre where you are monitored to check if you should go in to talk to caregivers. They will be able to check if everything is all right.

Wishing you all the best,

The Baby Expert

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