The 3rd Trimester – Last Sprint!

31-32 weeks pregnant

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Did it! Just completed my 6th month of pregnancy. I am starting my 27th week of amenorrhea. I feel that up to now, I have had a dream pregnancy. But will it continue during the famous 3rd trimester? 

For the past two weeks, I have had a pain that is bothering me. A burning sensation and quite painful. Just under my left breast all the way to my back. I did some research, and many women at my stage feel precisely the same thing. 

I continued researching, and I learned that the pain in my ribs is caused by my uterus taking up more space. They also talk about the compression of the diaphragm. To avoid the paid, they suggest not sitting, as it’s the worst position. Either stand up or lay down. I tried to ice it, and it helps with the pain, but generally, there’s not much I can do. Hope it goes away soon! 

Photo - 3e trimestre Massothérapie femme enceinte maman collaboratrice journal intime de Mélissa

And I am also having trouble sleeping! I can’t sleep on the side anymore. So it’s either on my back, but I have to use pillows under my thighs to avoid back pain. I am now going to a massage therapist and chiropractor. It’s necessary if I want to finish my pregnancy happy! 

Je vois maintenant une massothérapeute et une chiropraticienne. Ça prend ca pour terminer la grossesse dans la joie!

I am lucky to get lots of support. They are organising a beautiful shower for me at the end of the month. It’s so nice that my family and friends are going to gift me the things that the baby will need after birth. I suggest that you avoid buying stuff until the shower so as not to disappoint a friend. And please, no lists! These are gifts, a pleasure offered by your guests, not a chore. I am really looking forward to it!

….. On m’organise un superbe shower à la fin du mois. 

Happy pregnancy!


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Photo - Photo de maman collaboratrice journal intime de Mélissa

Photo source: Pixabay

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