Hello Marie, my name is Rébéca, and I am 28 weeks pregnant with my first baby. My doctor told me during my last appointment that I will likely give birth prematurely as I am already on leave due to my regular contractions, and my cervix continues to dilate. I feel terrible, and I am scared for my baby. They are still really tiny. I don’t know what to expect. Can you help?

Thank you for everything, Rébéca

Hello, Rébéca. I understand why you are worried and feel uncomfortable about what can happen to you and your baby. Premature childbirth is not what we want. Sometimes women will have to give birth before term for medical reasons, either for them or their baby. In your case, your cervix has already started dilating due to contractions. But there are steps you can take to try to diminish the impact of these contractions. Do what you can, and nature will take care of the rest. To better understand the difference between premature and term childbirth, and to provide you with information about premature babies and early childbirth, go to my article What is Prematurity?

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert