You can print the PDF list of articles you should add to your baby/child first-aid kit (in french).

Here is a list of suggested articles:

Your baby/child first-aid kit

Emergency numbers:

  • Emergency numbers (doctor, pediatrician, hospital, pharmacy)
  • Poison Centre 1 800 463-5060
  • Trusted neighbours

Documents to have nearby :

  • Child’s health record
  • The list of drugs up to date if there is
  • Health and hospital insurance card

First-Aid Kit:

  • Triangular bandage (1)
  • Round tip chisel 11.4 cm (1)
  • 4X4 sterile pads (5)
  • Diachylons of different formats (15)
  • Safety pins (12)
  • Gloves (4)
  • Bilingual first aid guide (1)
  • Sharp end splinter (1)
  • 2 inch gauze roll (1)
  • Roll of gauze 4 inches (1)
  • Adhesive tape (hypoallergenic) 1 inch (1)
  • Red nylon bag (1)
  • Medium size ziplock bag (1)
  • Benzalkonium buffers (10) * Disinfectant that does not burn
  • Alcohol swabs (10)

    This kit with basic products is on sale at the following link
  • Electronic rectal thermometer (1) (Value of $ 20.00 and as in hospital)

    The basic kit including the high quality electronic rectal thermometer is also on sale at the following link.


  • Neonatal pear or baby nose
  • Saline water (Hydrasens)
  • A tick hook
  • Bag for insect bites
  • Insect repellent
  • Survival blanket
  • Water-repellent matches (forest)
  • Tempra or advil (Not before 6 months)
  • Product for sunburn
  • Buttock cream (40% zinc)
  • Epipen if prescribed for the child
  • Natural products for ear infections (Boiron)
  • Gastrolyte for hydration during gastro or vomiting
  • Products for allergies (Bénadryl)
  • Calamine

Print the PDF list of articles for your first-aid kit.

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