Dear Mothers,

This week I 34 weeks pregnant (Saturday)! I am so relieved, though I’m scared of giving birth if it happens tomorrow…I have been bedridden since February due to regular strong contractions (poorly closed cervix).

It’s a victory for me to get here! We were fortunate, and I had to put in much effort. The pay-off is that you will be able to breathe on your own and eat when you are born. That’s huge!

For bedridden mothers, you are placing your careers on hold, you are suffering and are anxious, and you cry a lot. However, you are doing something priceless. It’s difficult to look at it that way! Congratulations, and thank you! Don’t forget to open a bottle of (alcohol-free) champagne, from time to time, each time you finish another week…

I’m fed up with my husband this week. I have had strong contractions from Saturday to Wednesday night and didn’t really sleep. I was scared I was going to give birth on the carpet! Wednesday was tough, I was afraid, and I was noting my contractions on my smartphone app (practical) to see if I should go to the hospital. I don’t have the usual benchmarks, as I have had the (regular) contractions now for a while.

My husband went and played music while I was crying. He’s usually so attentive. I know him too well, I think he’s having a panic attack. I was so upset! When I ask him if everything is fine, he says yes, yes. So I have to watch for the signs. He might become aware of his mood afterwards sometimes.

Dear baby, I love waking up with you. You always seem to want to talk. As if you had a long night! The minute I put my hand on my tummy, you answer. Sometimes you have parties at night, and it feels like you are dancing all over my stomach! Right now I can see two bumps; I think they’re your knees. I am so happy you are growing well. You likely weigh 2 kg, which is excellent! I think you recognise your dad’s voice because when he arrives, you start moving. I like that a lot because I spent my first pregnancy alone. I think you like being surrounded by people, and you have a brother, sister, dad and mom waiting for you. My daughter was surrounded by loved ones, even if she didn’t have a dad. Such solidarity!

I think of you while watching the thalasso baby bath video that Marie filmed.  It feels so good, and I was able to remember times when your sister would let go when she was a baby. Magical!

I want to say to mothers that childbirth might seem scary, but you are also going to be really happy. You will finally meet your baby! It’s magical, and for that moment nothing else is important. So it’s essential to prepare for your childbirth, get information on what matters to you. It would be best if you were ready. It’s a huge event! But don’t forget, at that moment, if you have perfusion, you pee in front of the nurse, whether you have a caesarean, nothing is more important than meeting your baby. Nothing can take away from the magic!

I know that it’s paradoxical to say because when we feel pain, are tired or when the birth doesn’t go as planned, it’s hard. But you will also have happiness as you have never known. So this should give you immense strength! It’s hard to imagine it before it happens, even for those who have given birth before. Yes, you will have fears, but remember the happiness that awaits.

Watch Marie’s video about natural childbirth in a hospital. It’s comforting, calm and reassuring.

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Love and kisses,


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