Should I visit the place I will give birth?

35-36 weeks pregnant, Health advice, Questions/answers

Is it necessary to visit the place I will give birth? And if my spouse doesn’t want to come, is that ok? It stresses me! Sara-Maude

Sara-Maude, no, you aren’t obligated to go! However, in my opinion, I would strongly suggest that future parents, especially for a first baby, visit the place they will give birth. Visiting helps demystify things, and you can ask questions if a caregiver accompanies you – visitor rules, length of stay after childbirth, pre-admission before the big day, etc. Your mental preparation for birth will be easier given you know the physical environment already, things like delivery bed choices, baths or showers, facilities for you and your spouse, etc. During this visit, you should bring your health insurance card, hospital card, group insurance card (if you have one) to fill out papers and reduce the paperwork when you arrive during labour. So I think you should go, and if your spouse doesn’t, you can go alone or with a group.

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