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Hi Parents,

Week 35 and everything is going as planned. Normal contractions for the period, nothing else. Nothing seems to indicate that he will arrive early. I don’t know if it’s because I am in my 40s, but becoming a parent at this age gives me the impressions that I have less control over time. It’s quite paradoxical sometimes. These 5 last weeks seemed soooooo long because of our excitement.

Photo - Horloges - journal intime de Chantal et Rachel

On the other hand, over time, we have learned that time can fly by. I am already thinking about adolescence, our little man leaving home, my 60s…yikes! I am in no way in a rush for that! It’s not necessarily the number that makes me distressed, but the notion that I may no longer be my active and sporty self. I will do everything to be a strong mother who plays with her children. But sometimes I have worries. And Rachel, who is younger than me, will be my model for being active and living life fully!

I will also have the chance to spend a month and a half with my little man before going back to work. But I feel that it will fly by. In fact, there are two time speeds. One before his birth, and one after. At the end of the day, I know I have to take it one day at a time and enjoy it fully. I figure I should be thinking about his health, education and development. But for now, I am apprehensive of those stages.

Rachel would like to stay at home to supervise our child’s (and hopefully, children’s) education until school starts. While this decision can seem unsettling at first look, but when you think about all the hours in a day where our children are at daycare, and we only get to spend a few hours with them at night before bedtime…I also see friends scrambling to deal with the nightly routine. So imagine if I could come home and have time to play with my kids. Once you think about it, it seems an excellent idea. Strangely, the more I think about it, the more I think it’s the best decision for the family. Surprisingly, when we tell people this, they are perplexed. It’s funny, today we focus on financial security and careers over the family. I am not judging, but we all seem so scared of missing out on something. I sometimes I think that it would not always be easy, we couldn’t have the same lifestyle, buy everything we want…but the time…always the time…time is precious, the greatest gift in life!!!

5 weeks to go…time is flying by!

Talk soon!

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Photo - Échographie 20 semaines - journal intime de Chantal et Rachel

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