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Dear Parents,

I am past 37 weeks! I am now really looking forward to giving birth…but I feel guilty for my excitement as I know that another two weeks would be ideal.

My contractions have started up again, especially at night. I have trouble sleeping and it’s affecting me. I am more anxious. When it happens, I often see things negatively!

Bizarrely, the lack of sleep related to my first baby after their birth didn’t have the same effect. I think it’s because once the baby is there it becomes magical. We float on a cloud, and our strengths are doubled…

The midwife and doctor reassured me that you can be born now. The threat is over. And I can even use the yoga ball to soothe my pain. And my cervix is dehiscent, meaning open except at the top. I tell myself now that the pain perhaps served a purpose.

Baby, I don’t know why, but I am worried that you might be bored, perhaps because you are so big now. I feel you taking up all that space, and I figure there isn’t much left over. I started to play the ukulele for you, and read you books from time to time. And as usual, I rub you through my stomach. I am really looking forward to seeing you with my eyes…


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