Marie, my doctor talked about stripping my membrane to help start my labour. Does it hurt, and does it work all the time?

Membrane stripping is a natural way to stimulate labour for a pregnant woman at term. By separating the amniotic membrane from the internal cervix, the doctor or midwife helps the amniotic sac protrude into the cervical opening. This helps with cervical effacement or dilation or helps start labour by naturally rupturing the membrane due to the pressure towards the bottom caused by the baby or contractions. It can also be called a membrane sweep.

I don’t know the success rate of this procedure for starting labour, but it can’t harm you or the baby. If it works, in my opinion, it is better than having to be induced using synthetic hormones. 

Also, during membrane stripping, the future mother can be surprised by the slight discomfort it can cause, but the pain is not intense. What often scares mothers more is the small loss of blood that can follow. This is caused by the procedure, and the bleeding will be short and in low quantities. 

I hope this answers your question and all the best!


The Baby Expert