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In this video, I am accompanied by Dr. Gabriel Mélançon, a psychologist, and Karen Chabot, a sexologist completing a doctorate in psychology. Both are researchers at the anxiety clinic at the Université de Sherbrooke. Together, we will discuss anxiety during the perinatal period.

The perinatal period is a time in life where there are often more signs of anxiety. Both men and women can be affected during their lives, and becoming a parent is a transition period that is a source of stress, worries and anxiety. What are the signs and how can you recognise them? Are there risk factors? After learning more about anxiety, you will find out you aren’t alone!

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Karen Chabot,
BA, Sexologist, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student (ABD)
Université de Sherbrooke
Email: [email protected]
Cell.: 819.577.5393

Dr Gabriel Mélançon, Psychologist

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