You might be wondering if you will be able to handle your newborn, give them their bath, burp them, change their diapers. You’ve never cared for a newborn? Don’t worry dads! Everything can be learned. All it takes is a bit of time to learn, and the more you do it, the easier it will be. Simple, right?

Baby’s Bath

To get a feel for the stages involved in bathing a small baby, please watch this video dealing with the topic. You will see how you prepare the bath, things you need to give the bath, and a demonstration of a bath massage that I gave to a beautiful baby boy. By getting this kind of advice before the arrival of your newborn, you will be more confident in yourself. Also, when the baby has arrived, you can bath them while watching the video. So let’s go, we’ll do it together!

When Dad bathes their baby, it’s a special shared moment, one that builds strong links…

Preparing Fathers During Pregnancy

When getting ready for childbirth, it’s important to deal with questions and concerns coming from fathers. In my articles and videos, I try to deal with concerns coming from future dads to help you prepare for what is coming.

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