Marie, I am 30 weeks pregnant and having contractions several times a day, especially when I stand up. Is this normal? Thanks for your help, Alycia

Alycia, when you stand up, your abdominal muscles may contract due to the weight of your stomach and baby. Your abdominals need to support your tummy. Standing, they will have to work harder. You can note that your stomach may harden several times a day, but this is not necessarily contractions of your uterus, just abdominal contractions. Please watch a video I filmed about contractions, as it will help you differentiate between the two types.


At 30 weeks of pregnancy, you may have contractions of your uterus called Braxton-Hicks. These won’t lead to labour. However, if you feel them occurring regularly, and a warm bath doesn’t help, call your hospital to advise the staff and see what they think you should do based on their routines.

We always want to prevent premature labour and childbirth, so it’s always best to inform your doctor to evaluate your personal situation.


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The Baby Expert