That is an excellent question! I’m in a particularly good position to talk about all the benefits prenatal classes have before welcoming your baby. However, be reassured that whether you take the classes or not, your baby will be born.

Information needs for future parents vary, and taking prenatal classes isn’t necessarily seen as required by certain couples. However, I would like to share some comments I have received from nurses that assist during labour, doctors and even parents who have experienced childbirth. All agree that a couple that is prepared for birth is noted for their:

1. Participation:

They know more about different alternatives, choices that they can make and take personal decisions based on different opportunities.
Prepared parents are also noted for their:

2. Understanding:

They better understand the evolution of a pregnancy, what is happening to them while waiting for the start of labour. They understand the vocabulary that is often used by health professionals to communicate with them during the stages of pregnancy and childbirth.
Additionally, they’re noted for their:

3. Confidence:

They feel more confident about themselves and the staff, as they’re dealing with fewer unknowns, are more at peace, are less scared and calmer when the big day arrives. They know more about what to expect, what they have to do and how to prepare for it, where to go, etc.

I only cited comments that I hear very frequently, and I think these might show you that being well prepared can help you experience the arrival of your baby with a more peaceful state of mind. I think it’s a good idea to take classes because you will never again give birth to your first baby.

For couples that have already had children, you should first focus on your information needs, topics that you would like to learn more about, because no pregnancy is like another, even for the same mother. You could use the videos found on my website to learn more about themes that interest you. These will provide you with additional resources to those you have already learned.

I hope you have a great pregnancy and a fantastic experience becoming parents.

The Baby Expert

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