Marie, I know that pregnancy changes a couple’s sexuality, but in my head, I really want to have sex, but my body isn’t responding, and I am worried my partner will get fed up. I have been pregnant for 8 weeks with my first baby, so I guess time will help if I can stop being nauseous all the time…


I understand what you are feeling, but let me say that more than half of pregnant women feel the same way you do. Given all the changes that occur, the hormones at the start of pregnancy, most women will be tired. If you add persistent nausea, in those conditions, few women would want to have sexual relations. Your partner will understand your situation if he learns more about pregnancy and you talk together and with friends who have had children. He’ll quickly see that the situation is the same elsewhere. Please read my article Sexuality and Pregnancy, where you’ll find lots of information for you and your partner.


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The Baby Expert