Here’s a question for you, Mary. I have a friend who always nurses with both breasts; another, with one breast only. How could I know if I should nurse my baby with 1 or 2 breasts? I’m due in four or five weeks. Looking forward to it! Thank you for all, Fabienne.

Here’s a good question, Fabienne. First of all, I would say that your 2 breastfeeding friends do a pretty good job; however, they have two very different life stories with their baby. Choosing to nurse at one or two breasts depends on the milk supply of each mother, sometimes also on the feeding frequency.

After giving birth, we’ll recommend that you always give the 2 breasts to stimulate your engorgement and your supply, so that the creamy white milk comes as soon as possible. After a few weeks, we’ll see your milk production according to your baby’s needs.

If you have more milk than your baby needs, leaving you with discomfort and engorged ducts after feeding, it will indicate that you could nurse at one breast at a time rather than both to stabilize your production and prevent milk stagnation and possible infections.

If your supply fits your baby’s needs, you won’t feel any major discomfort between feedings, and your breasts will become flexible after feeding. Thus, you will know that you must continue to give both breasts.

If your baby drinks regularly every 2 hours, feeding one breast at a time might be enough for him. The next time, you’ll nurse him with the second breast and so on alternately.

Here’s a little guidance for you, Fabienne. Don’t forget that nurses, doctors or midwives will be there to guide you in good time.

Back to you soon,


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