I am so discouraged Marie! I am sure my two-month-old baby is lactose intolerant. He twists around all the time and cries several times a day. What should I do? I am fed up! Marie-Ève

Marie-Éve, I’m glad you asked the question because many parents today think their child is reacting to lactose.


Recent research indicates that lactose (milk sugar) intolerance is very rare in very young babies. I am not saying it’s impossible, just very rare. This kind of problem can be diagnosed after three years of age, and there is usually a family history or intestinal problems found during their evaluation. For young babies like yours, if they have an intolerance, it’s likely attributable to bovine proteins rather than lactose.


With what we know today, the allergy rate for bovine proteins for young babies like yours is more frequent, about 2-5% for commercial formulas and 2.1% for breast milk.


Marie-Ève, a two-month-old baby like yours is in a difficult period. First, their neurological development has accelerated, which leads to periods of complaining, more needs for cuddling and general dissatisfaction with daily life. This hard period will pass, promise! 😊 Secondly, don’t forget that your baby is starting to release gas and stool voluntarily and in a more natural way as they are slowly maturing. This can explain much of what you are seeing and is likely not associated with lactose intolerance.


That said, you should continue to check the situation. If it gets worse, you should see the doctor, and they will examine other possible causes.


If you breastfeed, you can start a diet for about a week that doesn’t include bovine proteins to see if the situation improves. If you give them commercial formula, you should check the milk category and change it for one adapted to their situation.


You shouldn’t change the milk without consulting a health professional with your baby, and don’t use soya-based milk. This milk can be the source of up to 30% of allergic reactions. You need to have your baby’s situation evaluated to get the proper guidance. Ask for help and monitoring over time.


Marie-Ève, don’t give up, and ask for help from a family member or friend to get some rest and recover a bit. Don’t forget; this situation is temporary!


Talk soon,


The Baby Expert

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