I read that I could write down what I want in the way of support during labour and delivery in the maternity ward. Who should I give this to?


When you write down your wishes regarding labour and delivery, it will help the nurse who is supporting you. She will likely be at your side throughout your childbirth, and thanks to your birth plan, will know what you want from the staff around you as the event unfolds. Her work with you will be more personalised, in line with your expectations.

Nathalie, it’s important to know that a birth plan is a reflection tool for a couple regarding the arrival of the baby, but it doesn’t help prepare for the delivery outcome, as no one can know how it will turn out in the end. A birth plan is a project for the couple, to put in writing what you would like and be found around you to welcome the baby, irrespective of the way it’s delivered. That’s why you have to be flexible and open to events.

To learn more, please read my article on this topic where I use the same examples and themes found in your question before you write your birth plan.

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