Good morning little one. I hope you slept well. I am talking to you through Mom’s belly button and know you can hear me; you recognise my voice. I think about you all the time and can’t wait to wrestle with you, go hunting with you and play soccer with you. Having a boy reassures me because, well, I’m a boy too. However, I think I could handle having a girl as well!

I know you could survive birth right now, but I don’t really want you to come soon. Premature births are very risky for everyone. Take your time; continue to grow in your pool. I know you get fresh pool water every three hours or so, so enjoy it. You weigh about 900-1,400 grams and measure 34-43 cm.

Your mom, with her big round tummy, often complains that she feels a heaviness in the bottom of her stomach.

Mom is doing well. She is ravishing, her eyes shine, and her love for you is evident when she talks about you. You move around a lot when she rests, and you often keep her from falling asleep at night! Your mom, with her big round tummy, often complains that she feels a heaviness in the bottom of her stomach. She has also become clumsy, which makes us laugh. When we eat meals, she says she has reflux. When we go for walks, she has to go to the bathroom. When she gets undressed at night, and she sees the stretch marks on the side of her tummy, she’s HORRIFIED!

Tomorrow we are going for routine pregnancy blood tests. I hope everything will be fine. Take care my little one. Talk tomorrow!

Practical Advice:

  • You may have more contractions. Make sure they aren’t regular, as it may be premature labour. Call your birthing centre if a hot bath doesn’t stop them.
  • When the doctor declares you are in early labour before 34 weeks of pregnancy, you might be given injections of a medication to help the baby’s lungs mature faster. During premature labour, the mother might be kept in the hospital for monitoring, under total rest to try and stop the baby from coming too early.
  • Sleep is often more difficult for the mother. If you ever feel dizzy, rising heat or feel you might pass out, TURN ON YOUR LEFT SIDE to help reduce your blood pressure.
  • Starting from 28 weeks of pregnancy, you should not take a flight as a precaution for the health of you and the baby.
  • Regarding sex, positions need to be adapted, but if there are no danger signs, full sexual relations are perfectly fine. If in premature labour, the doctor will take you to abstain from penetration to avoid stimulating the cervix and provoke active labour and childbirth before term.

Here are some suggestions to learn more about what’s happening to you and to prepare you for what’s coming.


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