Marie, I have very flat nipples, and I don’t know how my baby will be able to breastfeed when they are born in six months. Can I do something in the meantime? Thank you so much for all your help and information, I really appreciate it. Michèle

Michèle, I can understand you are worried. You need to be supervised the first times you breastfeed your baby to help them latch to your breasts, but you are far from being an exception. Often when a baby breastfeeds, the nipple will become more erect because their vigorous sucking will break apart subjacent bonds that have developed over time. Also, pregnancy also naturally improves nipple projection as the breast prepares for breastfeeding.

Also, your baby’s breast latching does not take in only the nipple but the surrounding areola as well. After childbirth, the nurse will help you position your baby to ensure it opens its mouth wide and its tongue is positioned correctly before placing your areola and nipple in its mouth. There are many things a nurse can try in similar circumstances to yours. Don’t worry about it for now, your baby may have no difficulty latching. Remain vigilant and share your questions with your nurse when you arrive in the maternity ward.

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert

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