I am two months pregnant and just learned that I ate wild game. My husband is a hunter, and we are always eating deer or moose at home. Is this dangerous? Can I eat wild game? Thanks for your help, Violaine


Excellent question, Violaine! 

Public health officials do not advise against eating wild game during pregnancy. However, the animal should not have been killed with lead-based ammunition, the meat has to be well-cooked for eating it, and never eat a wild animal’s offal. Lead is a mineral that can harm your pregnancy. It can raise blood pressure and affect the baby’s intellectual development. That is why it’s preferable to avoid eating it, even as soon as you want to become pregnant.

Wild game includes deer, moose, bison, elk and caribou. These meats are high in nutritional value, including protein, iron and zinc. It’s less fatty, which is important in certain situations.

Violaine, you can eat wild game during your pregnancy if it was killed with a crossbow, bow or with copper bullets. But make sure that you vary your diet each week, and include fish, white meats, legumes, etc. You can watch a video about good pregnancy lifestyle habits for more information.

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Tu peux visionner la vidéo bonnes habitudes et grossesse pour un complément d’information.

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